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Professional Skin Analysis and Treatment

Our resident skin expert Barbara specialises in detailed analysis, therapy and advice.  Using industry leading technology and products, Barbara will identify how to improve both the health and complexion of your skin and tailor her treatments to your individual needs.

To book in with Barbara online, click on or email .

About our expert - Barbara

I graduated from the Cape Technikon in Cape Town, South Africa in 1996 with a National Diploma in Beauty Technology and a CIDESCO International Diploma. It was not a big surprise as a career choice, given that I had been pinching my mother's moisturiser from the age of 13 and making my own natural cosmetics at every opportunity.  I find the skin fascinating.  When you start looking at someone's skin, you get an entry into their life as all aspects of it will influence the condition the skin is in today, and all aspects must be considered if you want to affect a change.  It's like a puzzle, you have to find where the missing pieces are and put them in in just the right order to create the picture you want.

I am dedicated to keeping my knowledge as up to date as possible, and am a member of the International Institute of Anti-Aging (iiaa) and the Institute of Applied Corneotherapy (IAC) - both institutions run regular seminars and workshops and publish articles on the many facets of skin care.   I am a graduate of the Pastiche Method of Skin Analysis and have completed supplementary workshops in Medical Needling under the man who wrote the book on the subject, Dr Lance Setterfield.

Skin Analysis (1 hour):  £40

A comprehensive skin analysis is an essential part of creating an effective treatment plan. Many factors can influence the skin condition you see right now, and trying to bring about a change without a good analysis is like trying to navigate from point A to point B without having a map - you can follow a road in the general direction, but you won't know which shortcuts to use. 


The consultation covers diet, lifestyle, current and previous products used, health, medication and much more. You are asked to come in with a clean face and to bring all your current products with you, to give me the best understanding of the condition of your skin and how it has arrived at this point.  The cosmetic chemistry of your products can be an important factor which is why I ask for all your products to be brought in, including makeup.  Sometimes eliminating one item can bring about an enormous improvement! 


I use the OBSERV skin diagnostic machine to take pictures under several different settings, giving me a good understanding of the condition of the structures beneath the surface which governs the stages of the treatment programme.

Skincare Treatments*

*currently unavailable due to Covid restrictions


I use Environ and Dermaviduals in my skin care treatments, two highly effective cosmeceutic brands which treat a wide range of skin concerns including problem skin, sensitivity, rosacea and premature aging. Most facials will include either galvanic current or sonophoresis to help with product penetration, unless contra-indicated or you would prefer a purely manual treatment.

DERMAVIDUALS Skincare Treatments

Dermaviduals is a revolution in skincare, using the new concept of corneotherapy. Formulated by Dr Hans Lautenshlager, this cosmeceutic product range has no preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers, repairing the skin's barrier defence system and enabling the skin to function properly. It is unique in that specific actives (in liposome and nanosome format, for maximum penetration) are custom blended into base creams specifically for your skin at this moment – as things change, your product can change with it. No two skins are alike, and this amazing new range from Germany reflects that. Find out more by visiting

1hour Dermaviduals Prescriptive Facial:  £67

This treatment can be modified to treat all skin types – whether you are congested, suffering from lines, dryness or dehydration, or your skin is prone to redness, itching and flaking. The highly effective actives are chosen specifically to address both the causes and the symptoms of your specific skin concern. 

90 minute Dermaviduals Prescriptive Facial:  £90

Your skin is cleansed then exfoliated with an enzyme peel and hot compresses. After assessing the skin conditions which are most important to treat, a cocktail of serums is applied and sonophoresis is used to aid penetration. This is followed by an alginate mask and galvanic current to hydrate and nourish the skin.  While these penetrate, you enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. The treatment is concluded with a luxurious facial massage. 

The above treatments can be enjoyed without the use of current if you are contraindicated for it, or if you simply prefer a hands on treatment as the actives used are in a form which penetrates the skin's barrier.

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