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Pre-Natal Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a firm but also gentle, nurturing and relaxing massage which takes the special needs of the mother-to-be into consideration. It is an excellent and holistic way to treat many of the common discomforts experienced throughout pregnancy and in the post-natal period.


Treatment can help muscular aches, sciatica, sacroiliac pain and back pain. It also encourages lymphatic drainage to help reduce fluid retention.


Following the session you may benefit from improved sleep, a greater sense of calm and relaxation and a reduction in general discomfort.


After the baby is born treatment should be continued to assist with post natal recovery and ease the neck and shoulder aches that so often result from breast feeding.


60 Minutes £50

Pre-Natal Reflexology

Pregnancy Reflexology is a specialised area of reflexology which encourages deep relaxation, relieving many of the common symptoms associated with pregnancy – morning sickness, back pain, swelling, digestive problems, heartburn, headaches and insomnia.


One of the main reasons for using reflexology during the later stages of pregnancy is to encourage a faster labour with less discomfort and a reduced need for pain relieving drugs.


However, the treatments are supportive during the full maternity cycle from pre-conception through pregnancy itself, induction and finally during the postnatal period.


60 Minutes £50

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