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Barbara Johnson

Skin Specialist and Advanced Esthetician


Barbara has over 25 years experience working in the beauty industry, starting a diploma in Beauty Technology driven by a love for aromatherapy, but discovering a passion for skincare along the way. Over the next two decades she followed that passion, expanding her knowledge on the structure and function of the skin cells and how active ingredients and technology can influence the skin’s biological processes. She takes a holistic approach to skin health, and also incorporates lifestyle, dietary and psychological factors into the treatment program. She says that her overall goal is “to improve my client’s self esteem by improving their skin. When people feel confident that their skin is looking good, they feel good.” When not in treatment, Barbara is a mum to a very energetic boy and can often be found in the great outdoors either skiing, rock climbing or hiking in the hills



Pastiche Training

Cosmetic Chemistry. An advanced course providing detailed knowledge about cosmetic formulations, and how individual ingredients can help or harm the skin.


Pastiche Training

Advanced Skin Analysis. Developed by Florence Barrett-Hill, a world renowned independent technical dermal science educator, this course gives highly detailed insight into skin cell structure and function and how this links to the development of many common skin conditions.



Cape Technikon, Cape Town, South Africa

CIDESCO International Diploma. Considered to be the World Standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy, this qualification gives a thorough grounding in general and advanced techniques in all areas of aesthetics, including skincare, waxing and massage therapies. 

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