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Sports Massage Edinburgh

Experience Pain-Free Living with Our Expert Team

Over 170 
5* Reviews

"I've been going to see Serena at New Town Therapy for several years now and it's always an absolute joy. She's a ray of sunshine, and really makes the effort to understand what I want from the massage..."


"Really glad I discovered this place not far from where I live! Staff are friendly, professional and really help you with any injuries or aches and pains you may have. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get a decent massage as they offer a range of services to suit your needs."


"Ashleigh is the best masseuse I have ever had, hands down. Beautiful, cosy and comfy space, and I believe it's great value for money when they could be charging more for location (and very grateful they don't!)."


"I´ve been in this practice a few times to get a massage from Graham. He is very caring and thoughtful, and he makes you feel comfortable and safe. Not to mention that he knows what he´s doing. I experienced stiffness and pain in the neck for a long time..."


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Tired of living with persistent back pain? Find effective relief at New Town Therapy.

Get the relief you need with our sports massage therapy service. From reducing muscle pain and tension to improving flexibility and circulation, a sports massage can work wonders for your body. Our team of experienced therapists will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan based on your individual needs. Trust us to help you feel your best and schedule your appointment today.

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