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Jilly Reid



Jilly Reid is a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist and a mother of one. Her expertise and dedication revolve around providing care to both expectant and new mothers, addressing specific musculoskeletal issues related to pregnancy and postnatal stages, as well as pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. The transformative journey a woman's body undergoes during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal phase deeply resonates with her. She firmly believes that this particular realm remains underserved, lacking the necessary reliable information and support tailored to women's needs.

Jilly's objective entails equipping women with the necessary knowledge and tools, fostering a sense of confidence, strength, and well-being amidst the continuous changes in their bodies. Collaboratively, she strives to assist them in reaching personal milestones and enhancing their overall quality of life.

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Helen Keeble Physiotherapy

Functional Female Pelvic Floor Course


Kings College London

Physiotherapy MSc


AACP Foundation Course – Acupuncture and Dry Needling Training

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